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Tanzania: Solar equipment for co-op societies

The league of cooperative societies in Tanzania plans to supplement TANESCO’s failure to offer reliable power supply with solar energy.
Savings and Credit Cooperative Union League of Tanzania (1992) Limited (SCCULT) will soon buy about 1.5bn/- solar power equipments to be supplied to its 70 Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (saccos).
According to SCCULT Executive Secretary Abdul Mshaweji, the Union would bring the equipment and sell it to the members.
”We will provide them with reliable supply of solar power. It is part of our efforts to improve the services of the cooperative societies.
It will also help us to attract more people to join SACCOS,” he said. Mshaweji called on more Saccos to join the Unon.
SCCULT has 254,661 individual members who form 1875 Saccos, he said and it seeks to hit 16 million members. At least about 50 out of 1875 Saccos are able to employ three capable executives each.
Effectively, SCCULT has been creating about 300 direct employment opportunities every year, he said.

Meanwhile, SHIRIKISHO Saccos Secretary Daniel Mwaipungu has said many of the loans disbursed to its members were used for paying school fees and building modern houses.
Mwaipungu said the society was on its fourth stage in its planned actions and has 294 members.
It has shares worth 8.7m/- and members’ deposits amounting to 260m/-, he said adding that as per last week it had disbursed soft loans worth 405m/-, he said.

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News date: 30/08/2006

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