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Solahart Southern Africa Turns 25

Solahart Southern Africa celebrated its 25th year as Solahart distributor for Southern Africa at its second national conference held in Johannesburg.
Dennis Avery and Vaughn Boultwood from Solahart Australia attended the conference as well as 30 Southern African distributors including representatives from Namibia and Botswana.

VIPs from the largest energy utility in Africa, Eskom, and the Central Energy Fund (CEF) also sat in on some of the presentations. This is significant as South Africa is on the cusp of a market explosion. Incentives on solar water heaters by both the CEF and Eskom, electricity shortages, rapidly rising energy costs in the region, new bylaws and growing environmental awareness is promising to make the solar water business in the region a booming one.

The conference also featured a visit to a local commercial installation. “Commercial installations are often overlooked even though they can oftentimes achieve the greatest energy savings,” says the man who started it all in 1982, Jim Hickey. “I think a lot of competitors will move into the market and it is very gratifying to see such an overwhelming response from the Southern African distributors,” says Hickey.

Many of the local guys are already experiencing a rapid growth in sales. Solahart South Africa would like to use this opportunity to thank Solahart and especially Vaughn, Dennis and everybody else who have supported us during the past 25 years for helping to make Solahart Southern Africa such a success.

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News date: 14/05/2007

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