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Uganda: First ever solar-powered airport

By next year, Uganda will be building an airport powered by the sun! This solar powered airport will be the first of its kind in Africa. Taking eight months for its construction starting January next year, it would worth US$40million.
To be named Ssesamirembe International Solar Airport (SISA), the renewable energy based airport is scheduled to be functional in time for the Common Wealth Heads of State Meet in November next, according to James Dummer, representing a consortium of international developers and investors from the United Kingdom.

To design, build and operate the SISA, International developers and investors from the United Kingdom have completed plans and sealed agreements with Kagera Eco-cities. It will be built within the 200 square miles planning area of Ssesamirembe City.

Adding to its contribution towards the environment, the SISA shall involve the abandoned Mutukula Airfield’s rehabilitation and re-development, which is 3000 meters long and 40 meters wide.

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News date: 25/10/2006

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