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South Africa: solar shower for medical campus students

Home Comfort, an Eskom approved supplier and installer of solar powered geysers nationwide, has recently completed a project to convert the entire hostel’s water heating system to solar power.
Hendrik Roux, Managing Director of Home Comfort, says that “project Hippokratus is a success story that has only brought a positive response from all involved.”

Hippokratus was previously an old age home that was converted to a student’s hostel in the early 1990’s, and according to Jeanette van Zanden, the Building Manager, it has been a continuous nightmare with all the complaints about the unavailability of hot water.

“All of that has changed completely now. I haven’t had a single complaint about hot water since the solar powered system went operational!” laughs Jeanette.

“We live on a continent with an abundance of sunshine, and we need to learn to utilize that abundance to its fullest capacity, and simultaneously do our bit to save the planet,” said Jacques Smit, the Contract Manager tasked with the completion of Project Hippokratus.

Solar power is a sustainable source of energy which is also extremely cost effective. The system that was installed at Hippokratus, will save them a total of 7,200 kWh of electricity, and approximately R2 700-00 per month. Each MWh of electricity saved equates to the avoidance of the emission of approximately 1 Ton of CO2 into the atmosphere'.

A total of 40 solar panels were installed on the roof of the hostel to heat up the water. The heated water is then stored in two tanks on the roof where it is available for use by the students whenever needed.

With projects like this the University of Pretoria, together with Home Comfort, is doing their bit to save our planet by moving towards alternative sources of energy. This approach is not only cost effective but also helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels that are not renewable and that pollute our atmosphere.

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News date: 01/08/2008

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