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Plans for Concentrated Solar Power Heat Up in Tunisia

Generating solar power in North Africa is a hot topic these days, and will certainly stay in the news, thanks to the Mediterranean Solar Plan that was presented in 2008 as part of the Union for the Mediterranean.
German Development Cooperation is in step with the times in Tunisia, where it is working with the Tunisian gas and electricity utility, STEG, and the company Lahmeyer to prove the feasibility of electrical generation from solar thermal power plants. A pre-feasibility study was presented to the Tunisian government in January 2009. Next steps will be the elaboration of a full scale feasibility study to determine the size and location of the first pure concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Tunisia. The study will describe the technical, financial and economic aspects and will also include an examination of the feasibility of cooling conventional gas turbines with solar power to improve their efficiency. The German Development Bank KfW has already indicated their interest in financing the feasibility study.

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News date: 26/02/2009

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