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Zera develops feed in tariffs for renewable energy

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) is developing a renewable energy feed in tariffs (Refits), a policy structure that makes it mandatory for energy companies responsible for operating the national grid to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources.
This is designed to encourage and support greater private sector participation in power generation from renewable energy technologies, through the establishment of an appropriate regulatory framework.

Zera chairman, Canada Malunga told a stakeholder's consultation meeting in Harare last week that the Refits are to be developed for renewable energy technologies applicable such as solar power, small hydros, biomass, bagasse and biogas.

Zera is currently reviewing relevant operational and capital costs of current renewable energy projects and determining the appropriate tariff levels and structures.

"Zera has engaged Camco Clean Energy Consultants to develop the Refit for the country's electricity supply industry," he said.

The tariffs would be at a pre-determined price that is deemed sufficiently attractive to stimulate new investment in the renewables sector.

The Refit will also provide a guaranteed purchase price, differentiated by technology for a fixed duration, ensuring an appropriate return on investment for developers.

Additional information: Full story at The Standard
News date: 20/10/2013

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