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Solar to Power Remote Tunisian Telecom Sites

An upcoming project in Tunisia will include the installation of more than 70 kW of solar to power remote telecommunications stations in the African desert.
Apex-BP Solar has been selected by TunisieTelecom to take part in the development of the Great Southern Desert of Tunisia based on its expertise in the electrification of remote areas.

TunisieTelecom, the public Tunisian telecommunications operator, will build four telecommunication repeater stations powered solely by photovoltaic (PV) solar power in the open desert. In this very remote area of the Great Southern Desert, which is still not connected to the electricity grid and where the climatic conditions are extreme (temperatures in excess of 50 degrees C or 122 degrees F, sand storms, etc.), the choice of solar power was obvious.

Apex-BP Solar was selected by the Tunisian operator for its experience in remote sites and for its ability to complete this turnkey project, which includes the supply, installation, commission and training for solar power centers, including the PV array and the air-conditioned shelter to house the electronic equipment.

"This exemplary project is all the more meaningful in that the international community is increasingly concerned with the issues of development in Africa," said Arnaud Mine, Managing Director of Apex-BP Solar. "Telecommunications is one of the essential requirements and this collaboration with the Tunisian operator proves that solutions are available."

All local telecommunications services such as civil engineering, commissioning and training will be provided by Telemagh, Apex-BP Solar's partner in Tunisia.

"Today, sustainable energy is one of the priorities of the Tunisian authorities and we are proud to be one its promoters," said Khaled Fourati, Managing Director of Telemagh.

This project includes system installation with peak power ranging between 9 kW and 31 kW for a total installed capacity of 71 kW. The contract as a whole amounts to a sum of Euro 570,000, or roughly $680,000.

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News date: 14/11/2005

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