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Google and 3TIER give universal access to global wind and solar resource potential data

3TIER, a Vaisala company and global leader in renewable energy assessment and forecasting, announced the public release of wind and solar annual averages from its global datasets as part of Google's Map Gallery launch.
Through its collaboration with Google, 3TIER is excited to make this contribution to the global community and vastly improve access to wind and solar resource information by making it freely available to both researchers and the general public in Google's popular and widely used platform.

Until today, gaining access to high quality global wind and solar resource information from a reliable, consistent source was not an option for most people. This information is vital to a wide variety of fields, from energy development, infrastructure, efficiency, and policy planning to agriculture and conservation. However, it is often beyond the budgets of the non-profits, NGO's, and public agencies conducting this important research.

3TIER’s wind and solar datasets are the most advanced global datasets ever created and provide a sophisticated alternative to publicly available sources. Each dataset offers annual average values created using proven, widely-accepted scientific techniques and derived from long-term historical weather models of 10 or more years at high spatial and temporal resolutions. The solar dataset, for example, has a resolution 3 to 30 times higher than any other publicly available data source and offers hour-by-hour information anywhere in the world.

For strategic planning at the project level, 3TIER delivers comprehensive wind and solar energy assessment and forecasting services and has years of experience working with the largest utility-scale developers, operators, and financing partners around the world.

Additional information: Access data here
News date: 27/02/2014

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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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